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There are currently two themes for MyST websites, a book-theme, which is the default and is based loosely on JupyterBook and an article-theme that is designed for scientific documents with supporting notebooks. The documentation for this site is using the book-theme, for a demonstration of the article-theme, you can see an article on finite volume.

Article Theme
Book Theme
Example of a banner in a site using the article-theme, (online, source)

Example of a banner in a site using the article-theme, (online, source)

Changing Themes

To change your website theme from the default (book-theme), use the site: theme: property:

  theme: article-theme

Change the theme property to article-theme.

Article Theme

The article theme is centered around a single document with supporting content, which is how many scientific articles are structured today: a narrative article with associated computational notebooks to reproduce a figure, document data-cleaning steps, or provide interactive visualization. These are listed as “supporting documents” in this theme and can be pulled in as normal with your Table of Contents. For information on how to import your figures into your article, see Reuse Jupyter Outputs.

The frontmatter that is displayed at the top of the article is the contents of your project, including a project thumbnail and banner. The affiliations for your authors, their ORCID, email, etc. are available by clicking directly on the author name.

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