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abbreviation role

Alias: abbr

chemicalFormula role

Alias: chem

cite role

Alias: cite:p, cite:t, cite:ps, cite:ts, cite:ct, cite:cts, cite:alp, cite:alps, cite:label, cite:labelpar, cite:year, cite:yearpar, cite:author, cite:authors, cite:authorpar, cite:authorpars, cite:cauthor, cite:cauthors

delete role

Alias: del, strike

math role

ref role

Alias: eq, numref, prf:ref

doc role

download role

term role

si role

eval role

smallcaps role

Alias: sc

subscript role

Alias: sub

superscript role

Alias: sup

underline role

Alias: u

keyboard role

The keyboard role denote textual user input from a keyboard, such as “Ctrl” + “Space”.

Alias: kbd

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