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Jinja LaTeX Templates

Contribute a Template

MyST templates curates a community collection of MyST Markdown compatible templates. These templates allow MyST to export markdown files as typeset, formatted documents using PDF, LaTeX or Word. These templates expose data-driven options for customization ensuring the final documents comply with author submission guidelines provided by a particular journal, conference organizer or university.

To see all of the community templates use:

myst templates list --tex

These will show you the list of community templates available, which are also possible to access through the MyST API, at

List your Template

This guide outlines how to help your templates be discovered and used by the community, if you haven't yet created a template, see Create a Template for more information.

Your template can stay in your GitHub organization:

  1. add a myst-template topic to your GitHub repository (See GitHub docs)
  2. for the templates repository and add your template information to the list

The data folder in has a list of templates:

  - organization: username
    name: my_template
    latest: main

Add your template to this list, and open a pull-request, (or use the GitHub interface to edit the file directly on the page).

Once a PR is opened, the MyST team will take a look and test out your template, and may give you some suggestions beyond what myst check can tell you.

In some cases it might make sense for the template to live as a community-curated template (e.g. it is for a major publication). You can open an issue to discuss if this makes sense. If this is a path that we all decide, you can transfer the GitHub repository to myst-templates, and we will add you as a maintainer.

The main advantage of donating your template, is that there will be more people to help out with improvements, and when users use these templates, there will be no warnings raised about potentially untrusted code.


Once your PR is merged, your template will be listed with myst templates list --tex, and accessible and discoverable by anyone who uses MyST Markdown!

Thanks for your contribution! 💚

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