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There are no tracking cookies or analytics added to a MyST site by default, however, you may want to know more about basic analytics for your domain when you deploy it. There are two analytics tracking codes that MyST site templates currently supports:

  1. Google Analytics; and
  2. Plausible, which is privacy-friendly alternative to Google.

These are set using template specific options in your site configuration using either an analytics_google or an analytics_plausible key.

Google Analytics

Use the site.options.analytics_google configuration, with the contents being your Measurement ID (G-XXXXXX) or Tracking ID (UA-XXXXXX).

version: 1
    analytics_google: UA-XXXXX # Measurement ID or Tracking ID

See Google Analytics docs for more information on how to find this Measurement ID.


Use the site.options.analytics_plausible configuration, with the contents being the domain you are tracking.

version: 1
    analytics_plausible: # Domain(s) to track

See Plausible docs for more information on how to find the domain. Note, you only copy in the contents of: data-domain="COPY_THIS", which can be a comma-separated list for multiple domains.

Testing your integration

Run myst start and view the page source. The analytics section should be in the <head> section of the HTML, you should also start to see real-time tracking in your dashboard.

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