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The default themes for MyST sites are applications that render structured data dynamically, and are not static HTML sites. This choice allows the websites to include many performance enhancements such as pre-fetching for instant page-transitions, loading indicators, and smaller network payloads. However, these advantages require that your website either (a) requires a web server or service that understands MyST sites; or (b) is changed to an HTML export that does not include these features but does allow you to host static files on services like GitHub pages.

Creating Static HTML

To create a static HTML export of your MyST site, build it as HTML:

myst build --html

After the build process, you can see the folder in _build/html, which has all assets for your static website. You can verify that the site is working correctly by starting a static web-server, for example,
npx serve _build/html
which will serve a static version of the site.

Deployment Targets

GitHub Pages

Deploy as a static site to GitHub pages using an action.


Deploy to Curvenote as a dynamic site with a managed MyST theme.


Deploy to Netlify as static HTML, and pull-request previews.

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