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Curvenote provides a free service to host your MyST sites with an up-to-date theme (deployment documentation for MyST sites). The websites are hosted on a subdomain with your username or a custom domain. To configure the domain(s) add them to your site configuration:


You can then deploy the site using:

curvenote deploy

You can also deploy from a GitHub action, which will build your site and then deploy it to Curvenote.

🛠 In the root of your git repository run myst init --gh-curvenote

The command will ask you questions about which branch to deploy from (e.g. main) and the name of the GitHub Action (e.g. deploy.yml). It will then create a GitHub Action[1] that will run next time you push your code to the main branch you specified. Ensure that you including setting up your CURVENOTE_TOKEN which can be created from your Curvenote profile.

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